Letter from the International Provost 

Dear U of N School Leader/Staff, 

Welcome to the 2015 edition of the University of the Nations Reference Guide. These pages are a record of our efforts to join mercy with justice in the application of our policies. 

I especially recommend to you the section on the Heart of Leading a Course, which reveals some of the heart motivation behind our practices. We don't have policies just because we like rules and laws; but in order to apply the Biblical principles that are the foundations of our University. 

Since the University of the Nations has entered the third phase of its growth, we see new frontiers opening up before us. We live in exciting times as we endeavor to better understand the heart of God for a multi-polar, international, transformational missions university. 

As the Core International Leadership Team has prayed over the University of the Nations, we are more and more convinced that the school leaders and staff are the key to our effectiveness. Our fruitfulness very much depends on your partnership with the Lord. 

May the Lord bless your commitment to the ministry of transformational training 

Dr. Tom Bloomer, 
University of the Nations 
International Provost