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Leadership Team

Ron and Bonny

Ron and Bonny were married in 1995 and led a DTS together in Lausanne before moving to Budapest, Hungary, to lead the DTS department until 2003. They then attended Covenant Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, where Ron completed his MDiv degree with Bonny working on her MATS degree. They moved to India in 2007 where they serve the DTS locally as well as on a broader scale. They have four children: Jessica, Nicole, Joshua and Charissa.






Melbourne, Australia

Rob is currently the National DTS Co-coordinator for YWAM Australia. He lives in Melbourne with his wife and their three children.

Rob has been involved in YWAM for over 20 years working primarily with DTSs and leadership development in England, the Middle East and Australia

Rob’s future focus is to further strengthen and develop DTS and implement strategic staff development programs in YWAM Australia and the South East Asia Region.

Kona, HI USA

Peniamina ( Ben ) was born in New Zealand to Samoan parents.   Not long after coming to know the Lord someone sent him a flyer for missions with Kalafi Moala and Neville Wilson on the cover.  This set him off on his YWAM journey, doing a DTS in Northland NZ and continuing to work with A YWAM ministry Polynesian International, in Auckland. 

He married Alison in 1989 and moved out of YWAM for a season.  They re-joined with a ministry called “Whaia te Matauranga “ in Mangere in 2000 and then onto Island Breeze in Brisbane Australia, Jan 2001 and have been working with DTSs there.

Ben teaches on the Father Heart of God in DTS schools primarily in the Australia and the Pacific Region.

Ben and Ali have 4 children – Kesia 15, Caleb 13, Tamar 10 and Nathaniel 8.  They have spent the last 6months leading a DTS in Kona and in May 2007 will re-locate to Kona to strengthen and equip the Pacific Region DTSs from there.