VI. YWAM: A Response to God

The DTS is Knowing God and Making Him Known

Concepts to Understand and Apply

  1. An understanding of Youth With A Mission International's History, Vision, Statement of Purpose, Statement of Faith, the Manila Covenant and approved corporate documents (e.g. the Red Sea Covenant); these approved corporate documents are found in the U of N Reference Guide.
  2. An understanding of Youth With A Mission International's values and ministry philosophy as reflected in the Foundational Values and Christian Magna Carta; these approved corporate documents are found in the U of N Reference Guide. 
  3. An understanding of Youth with A Mission International's three-fold ministry calling: Evangelism/Frontier Missions, Training, and Mercy Ministries as well as the many ministries within these callings ("Family of Ministries"). See "Go Manual," "Global Perspectives," "U of N Catalogue," and the many other YWAM ministry resource materials available. 
  4. An understanding that the DTS is the entry way into Youth With A Mission and all its expressions in the "Family of Ministries" and that it lays the common foundation for the mission. See Documents "Discipleship Training School Prerequisite;" "YWAM/U of N--DTS Description, Purpose, and Curriculum;" "Guidelines for YWAM/U of N Discipleship Training Schools;" "YWAM/U of N Field Assignments;" "YWAM's Anointing and Appointing for Discipleship Training Schools." Each document is found in the "U of N Reference Guide."
  5. An understanding that YWAM is primarily an apostolic missions movement which has and must continue to be on the cutting edge of pioneering the new things God is doing. 
  6. An understanding of specific opportunites in YWAM for one to serve in after DTS. 

Attitudes To Nurture 

In relationship to YWAM: 

  • "Part of a global movement" 
  • inclusive
  • servanthood
  • loyalty
  • team work
  • commitment
  • humility
  • respect for others calling
  • gifting
  • ministries
  • way of thinking and doing
  • honor and value one another
  • flexibility
  • sensitivity
  • generous
  • supportive
  • hospitable
  • desire and commitment to relationships
  • teachable
  • part of a whole.

Activities To Do

(These should be happening throughout the DTS. Some are structured into the schedule, some are simply expressed in informal interactions. The goal is for every person to take responsibility for engaging in these ways.)

  1. Familiarize yourself with, discover, and understand YWAM's history (read or have someone tell the stories in "Is That Really You God?" by Loren Cunningham as well as other YWAM books/stories).
  2. Live and work in such a way that reflects YWAM's values and affirms YWAM's statements of purpose, faith and mission.
  3. Live the YWAM story today that will be passed on tomorrow.
  4. Receive and review a U of N catalogue to explore further YWAM/U of N training opportunities.
  5. Interact with YWAM bases, ministries and individual staff outside the DTS (e.g. Visit other bases/teams, watch YWAM videos, interact with speakers).
  6. Explore and discover practical opportunities to serve within YWAM locally/internationally following DTS. 
  7. Engage in an activity representative of YWAM's threefold calling: Evangelism/Frontier Missions, Training and Mercy Ministries (either lead or participate in).
  8. Intercede for YWAM, however God may lead.

Suggestion: Integrate these concepts and activities into every week of the DTS.

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