About Curriculum Design

The list of concepts identified may help in the selection of speakers and topics but they are not meant to be an outline for a week's teaching as speakers' topics may draw from concepts in two or more of the categories. In addition it may be used as a check list to help guide the school week by week. As the school progresses, the school leader can use this list to keep track of concepts that are covered by speakers, books, etc. so that he or she can address the remaining concepts in some other way (Bible study, devotionals, etc.).


The concepts identified in each category must be imparted in some way in the context of the DTS.

The following reflect speakers topics for a whole or partial week's teaching that satisfy this requirement. Note a topic may draw concepts from more than one category. Remember these topics are possible ways to cover the concepts. 

  1. The Nature and Character of God (I)
  2. Strengthening your personal relationship with God, Hearing God's Voice. (I)
  3. Worship and Prayer (I)
  4. Feeding one's heart through the Word, Bible Study (I)
  5. Cultural Mandate/Kingdom of God (II, V)
  6. Intercessory prayer (I, II, V)
  7. Godly Relationships (II, IV)
  8. Stewardship/Work (II, V)
  9. Creating With God (I, II, V)
  10. Biblical World View (key concepts are in all Categories)
  11. Spiritual Warfare (III, V) 
  12. The Person and Work of Jesus -- the Cross (I, III, IV)
  13. The Fear of the Lord (I, III, IV)
  14. Father Heart of God (I, IV)
  15. Sin, Repentance and Restitution (III, IV)
  16. The Plumb line (III, IV) (remember this is optional in DTS)
  17. Relinquishing rights (III, IV)
  18. Identity in Christ (III, IV) 
  19. Renewing the mind (III, IV)
  20. Person and work of the Holy Spirit (I, IV, V)
  21. Relationships in the body -- friendships, husband-wife, parent-child; with the opposite sex, (III, IV)
  22. God's Calling (V)
  23. Gifts/calling/destiny (IV, V)
  24. Body Life/Community/team work (VI)
  25. The Abrahamic Covenant (I, II, V)
  26. The Great Commission Mandate (III, V) 
  27. History of the advance of the Gospel (V)
  28. Sharing the Gospel with the Lost (I, III, V)
  29. Basic cross cultural communication principles (V)
  30. Heart for the Lost (I, III, V)
  31. Unreached Peoples /10-40 window (V)
  32. Poor and Needy (I, V))
  33. Discipling Nations (II, V)

Suggestions for Application Formats

Possible formats for facilitating understanding and life application.

  1. Classroom Leadership: following the lecture, staff lead the class to clarify what God is saying and give opportunity for personal response.
  2. Small Groups assigned groups that meet regularly.
  3. Spontaneous small groups: divide the group into smaller groups in the lecture setting.
  4. One on Ones.
  5. Journal. 
  6. Reporting/sharing with the Corporate: give time for individuals to share insights with the group.
  7. The Outreach weeks are a key context for furthering understanding and life application for all categories. 

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