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Welcome to the International DTS Centre

Mission Statement

The Centre for Discipleship Training Schools has been established to maintain and enhance excellence in DTS programs worldwide in accordance with the DTS purpose and curriculum guidelines set by the International Leadership of Youth With A Mission and the University of the Nations.

The Centre staff seeks to serve DTS leadership by providing encouragement, support and expertise in program, leadership and resource development.

The Centre facilitates the networking of personnel and resources among all DTS and Field Assignment/Outreach locations and the seven Colleges/Faculties and various Centres of the University. It also aids in stimulating the multiplication of new DTS's in strategic locations of the world.


The International DTS Centre is a ministry of Youth With A Mission International. Its goals are as follows:

  1. Partnering within YWAM International: to develop a relational network of DTS leaders/staff within each region that is also connected to the global DTS world and with all streams of YWAM's Family of Ministries.
  2. Programme Development: to aid in the design of DTS programs in accordance with the DTS purpose and curriculum guidelines set by the International Leadership of YWAM/UofN.
  3. Leadership Development: to facilitate DTS leadership and staff development in response to requests and identified needs.
  4. Educational Resource Development: to create resources that aid in the training of DTS staff or in implementing an aspect of the Curriculum in the DTS and to facilitate the distribution of new and existing resources to the DTS world.
  5. Programme Monitoring: to receive, track and review course registration documentation for each DTS programme.
  6. Strategic Multiplication: to promote the pioneering of new DTS's and Field Assignment/Outreaches in the ten major language groups and the least evangelized nations of the world